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SEC’s vs. Ripple Next Chapter Begins Today


Now it may seem that the battle on “whether XRP is a security” will never end for Ripple. Today the next chapter of a long-running and closely watched lawsuit against Ripple will happen. The plaintiff, Bradley Sostack, has time until the end of this Monday to file a response to the startup’s September 20 motion

XRP is 10X Safer than Fiat for Cross-Border Payments


Ripple insists that XRP is 10 times safer for making international payments that fiat currencies that today are still a more popular option. Ripple‘s XRapid system is 10 times safer and is only one-tenth volatile if compared fiat for making international payments. Fiat cannot compete with XRP’s speed and security. Ripple is a real-time gross

Will AOFEX Become a New Leading Exchange?


With the development of blockchain, the competition between various fields has become very fierce.  As one of the few traffic entrances of blockchain, exchanges have always been such places for strategists to fight for, and their competition has already entered a serious stage. Moreover, even under the attack of three giants, namely, Binance, Huobi and OKEx,

Binance Opens Russian Ruble Deposits and Withdrawals through AdvCash


Binance has announced that they have opened RUB (Russian Ruble) deposit and withdraw features. This will be powered by AdvCash. Recently, Binance which is considered as the top cryptocurrency exchange, which is constantly evolving, has announced that they have opened Russian Ruble deposits and withdrawals through AdvCash.  Users can now deposit RUB to the Binance

Jack Dorsey Invests $10M in the Startup ICO Platform CoinList


Jack Dorsey is expanding his cryptocurrency involvement by backing crypto initial coin offering (ICO) exchange platform called CoinList. Token offering platform CoinList raised $10 million with a little help from Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey. CoinList was founded back in 2017 as a spin-off of AngelList, and it acts as an ICO exchange platform

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